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Wedding Kebaya Dress Modern Jaya Kebaya Basic Pattern

Jayakebaya-Wedding Kebaya Dress Modern Jaya Kebaya Basic Patter.This copyright and original knowledge by Jayakebaya professional design.This one for design in a basic design women kebaya wedding dress.


For those of you who want to learn to sew their own clothes and do not have time to follow the course of sewing, the following are steps to draw a basic pattern of women's clothing simple system that you can use. For beginners in the field of tailoring the system makes this simple basic pattern will allow you to learn step by step creation.
The images below use my size, while if your body size larger or smaller than this then you just adjust according to your body size.

Neck circumference = 36 cm
Body circumference = 88 cm
Waist circumference = 60 cm
Front Length = 30 cm
Front Width = 31 cm
High Chest = 14 cm
The side length = 17 cm
Shoulder length = 12 cm
Backs width = 33 cm
Back length = 36 cm
Distance Chest = 17 cm

 A - B = 1/6 + 2 cm neck circumference
B - C = Length Front
C - D = A - E = ¼ body circumference + 1cm
A - A1 = 1/6 + 0.5 cm neck circumference
A1 - A2 = Length shoulder
A2 - A3 = down 4 cm
B - B1 = 5 cm
B1 - B2 = ½ width of the face
C - C1 = ¼ waist circumference + 1 + 3 cm
C - C2 = 1/10 Waistline + 1 cm
C2 - CC3 = 3 cm
C1 - C4 = rose 1.5 cm
C4 - K = length of side
C - M = High Chest
M - O = ½ Distance chest

 A - B = 1.5 to 2 cm
B - C = Length of back
C - D = A - E = ¼ body circumference - 1 cm
A - A 1 = 1/6 + 0.5 cm neck circumference
A1 - A2 = Length shoulder
A2 - A3 = Down 3 cm
B - B1 = 10 cm
B1 - B2 = ½ width of the back
C - C1 = ¼ waist circumference - 1cm + 3cm
C - C2 = 1/10 Waistline
C2 - C3 = 3 cm
C1 - K = length of side

And if the system is simple you still lazy to make my own clothes archetype, then you can use the following trick:

    Look for your clothes that are not used anymore but still fitting body's, maybe not you wear this dress again because of stains or faded color
    Take a razor blade and open seams, but not all of them but only half of it, so half of the face and half of the back, one arm and collar. While the other half let still sewn like the original, the point is for our reference when we sew new clothing. If we are confused which parts should we sew and how to sew pockets or arms, just take a look.
    Flatiron cut pieces of fabric that have been separated earlier seams up the flat and neat stitches.
    Attach a piece of fabric which has been neatly on paper and draw the paper this paper follows the edge of a piece of fabric with a marker. Well So clothes patterns that are ready for use.

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