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Sexy Kebaya Modern Dress Pink 2015

Sexy Kebaya Modern Dress Pink 2015
MOQ: 10 Set (Free Shipping Cost)
Shipping: DHL
Time Delivery: 3-4 days (DHL Service Generaly)
Sexy Kebaya Modern Dress Pink fix with Butik bottom set design.Sexy Kebaya Modern Dress from Bali Indonesia Wholesale by Jayakebaya.Note: You can order from another kebaya if you want order 5/10 pcs that it's same price.
*Free Shipping Cost
For more question like about size,color,etc please emailed us by contact in our site.
We accept for new design request according to your size.Just emailed us your size and we will start a new design for you. Or told us your size detail from here SIZE DETAIL JAYAKEBAYA

Here Other picture Original Photograph By Jayakebaya
Sexy Kebaya Modern Dress fix with Butik 2015

Sexy Kebaya Modern Dress fix with butik 2015

We receive too New Design request KEBAYA MODERN.
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Thanks for Order Kebaya Modern Kebaya Fashion Wedding Kebaya Gown Kebaya from Jayakebaya.Please contact us at email : jayakebaya@gmail.com to find all our collection please view our site in view web version.Thank you.

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