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How to Make Pattern

Jayakebaya-How to Make Pattern.Here we go how to make pattern reference from our professional design Jaya kebaya.

How to make a pattern Wedding Kebaya Dress
Make the front and rear archetype of up to 25 cm below the hip. Make a pattern of complete front left rear right.
Draw a model of cross-filter in front of the pattern. Extend the bottom 20 cm of hip, make a pattern somewhat slanted front line.

Draw the neck cross filter in front of the pattern, and also kamisonya image that looks a little on the inside of the chest, then separate each.

Create a wide sleeves to size. Starting from the elbow formed wide, longer than fingertips then quotes and separated.

Design pattern camisole already quoted and that sidah separated above the fabric. Because the model is strappy camisole, then the length of the rope within the length of the rope front and rear + already drawn. The length should not be increased or decreased and the place should not be shifted.

Design all the above pattern fabric.

 X-X fabric width 55 cm x 2 = 110 cm
X-Z 155 cm length of fabric
LL neck Layer
LD layer Chest
LDB layer below the chest.


Prepare all the pieces of fabric to be sewn.
Stitch together front and rear kupnat.
Kampuhlah front shoulder seam to shoulder back.
Sambunglah neck lining fabric with fabric lining the chest into one.
Put a layer of fabric from neck to bottom left hem, seam should fit should not be longer or shorter, then grinds fabric layer with 1 mm of the connection machine.
Arrange a layer of lint cloth with baste, then stitched with Soom and direct puncture board so neat and smooth.
Tumpuklah fabric on the upper right chest and the chest cloth envy at the bottom, place the appropriate underlined the center of the chest that overlap, baste that has not changed at all.
Make 4 marks the spot where the home button will be created and installed studs.
Open jelujuran center of the chest.Collect all side and iron body kampuhnya while disibakkan to split in two.
Bottom hem stitch with the skewer Soom.
Collect the pattern right and left arm, sewing the hem cuffs with Soom puncture.
Install the left and right arm in arm hollow body.
Make the home button and attach the 4 buttons on the sign which had been made earlier.

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