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Type Material Of Kebaya Modern Dress Indonesia

Jayakebaya- Type Material Of Kebaya Dress Indonesia.Now, in accordance with the development of fashion, kebaya no longer use the material brocade, organdy cloth, or cloth delicate coalition, kebaya dress modern now more varied ranging from chiffon, tulle, and lace. Here are some of the material will be kebaya modern dress choices for sewing.


Cotton is the most frequent type of cloth used as kebaya modern dress Indonesia from the past until now,Like here we using for our Kebaya modern dress jaya kebaya design. The material is soft and not hot makes this a favorite fabric female users kebaya. Cotton fabric is also easy to apply as sewn and embroidered. Its texture is soft and absorbs sweat very suitable for kebaya Modern Dress design.

Here are some of the characteristics of cotton fabrics:
- Less fine fiber yarn
- The material is cold and a bit stiff
- Easy to tangle
- Easy to absorb sweat
- Clothing / fabric will be damaged if immersed more than 2 hours in the detergent
- Susceptible to mildew


This glamorous brocade fabric is widely used as an ingredient kebaya Modern Dress Indonesia like here too we using this type of material kebaya dress for our design Jayakebaya. Brocade is composed of three types, namely French brocade, brocade semi France, and local brocade. Brocade is best French brocade, but now Indonesia had been able to produce brocade with pretty good quality. Kebaya made from brocade fabric material is suitable to be used as a fancy evening clothes. Brocade is not a lace material, nor embroidery, or other fabrics. Brocade or brocade fabrics are rich in decoration with or without gold and silver thread. Brocade is derived from the same root with broccoli, from the Italian word meaning broccato in-embossed cloth. Often brocade display complex patterns, such as flowers, plants, and other natural elements.Just see in our design Kebaya Dress jayakebaya here we using some a flower mark on surface our design Kebaya Modern Dress.


Organdy has a soft texture, shiny, but it can hold its shape and fit for the effect volume or puffy. The texture and color gives the impression of luxury and perfect for a party or wedding kebaya dress like we sale here for you are.This type of fabric so it does not absorb sweat and more rigid than cotton. But many also make organdy cloth as kebaya modern dress as create the impression that no less luxurious than the brocade.
Organdy fabric usually made from thin as silk weaving. But now modern organdy cloth can also be made of synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon. Organdy fabric often used for wedding dress and evening dress. In addition organdy cloth can also be used for example for home interior blinds. Organdy fabric available in the market in the form of plain or patterned.


Taffeta is a fabric woven from silk or synthetic fibers are smooth. Derived from the Persian language, which means woven twist. This type of fabric is often considered a luxury fabric because Haunt suitable for parties and weddings kebaya dress as Jayakebaya design using. Fiber yarn taffeta much more rigid than organdy. Originally taffeta produced with manual looms, but since 1990, this fabric can already be produced by means of weaving machines in Bangalore-area. Countries China and countries in the Middle East also produce taffeta fabric. However, the resulting fabric is never as good as made in India, which is still dominated in its production. Producing the best taffeta fabric is still in France, Italy, and England. Taffeta fabric including the rarely used for the manufacture of kebaya dress modern Indonesia besides the price is relatively more expensive too difficult to set up. However, once combined with embroidery stitching, kebaya modern dress produced a very unique and elegant.


Tulle including from one lightweight fabric and shaped nets with small holes. In the past this fabric is used only by the bride or ballet dancer, but now this fabric is often used as a combination of a more modern fashion like Kebaya Modern dres Fashion. Tulle fabric made of various fibers, such as nylon, rayon, and silk. Tulle including the favorite choice for kebaya modern dress material because it is easy to apply with sequins and embroidery. In addition, the fabric is easy to form the silhouette of the body and make you wear kebaya modern dress look elegant and charming. Tulle has a religious color and types, ranging from rigid to soft and even now also available studded tulle giving the impression of sparkling glitter. Tulle fabric which has the character of light, strong and durable.


Satin fabrics are woven using a technique that has main characteristic filament fiber surface is shiny and slippery. The inside or back of the opposite surface is not slippery and shiny. Although satin and silk has some characteristics that are similar, both using different fiber materials. Satin woven with artificial fibers such as polyester, silk while using natural fiber that silkworms. As a result, although both feel soft skin, satin has more surface flash and slippery, while silk finer and lighter.
Satin favored mainly because it makes the wearer look glamorous, sensual, and more feminine. Shiny satin believed would bring the mind into the realm of fantasy than the material of ordinary cloth. Previously, satin has been widely used as a material for party wear and nightwear or pajamas. Price satin also affordable, making it more attractive to be used as kebaya modern dress.

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