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Kebaya Wedding Dress Red Gold 2015

Kebaya Wedding Dress Red Gold 2015
Note: You can order from another kebaya modern dress if you want order 5/10 pcs that it's same price.
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For more question like about size,color,etc please emailed us by contact in our site.
We accept for new design request according to your size.Just emailed us your size and we will start a new design for you. Or told us your size detail from here SIZE DETAIL JAYAKEBAYA

Kebaya Wedding Dress Red Gold 2015

Kebaya Wedding Dress Red Gold 2015

Kebaya Wedding Dress Red Gold 2015

We recieve too New Desing request KEBAYA MODERN.

Here you can find the Type of material using
Jayakebaya- Type Material Of Kebaya Dress Indonesia.Now, in accordance with the development of fashion, kebaya no longer use the material brocade, organdy cloth, or cloth delicate coalition, kebaya dress modern now more varied ranging from chiffon, tulle, and lace. Here are some of the material will be kebaya modern dress choices for sewing.
Cotton is the most frequent type of cloth used as kebaya modern dress Indonesia from the past until now,Like here we using for our Kebaya modern dress jaya kebaya design. The material is soft and not hot makes this a favorite fabric female users kebaya. Cotton fabric is also easy to apply as sewn and embroidered. Its texture is soft and absorbs sweat very suitable for kebaya Modern Dress design.

Here you can find our desinger Pattern
How to make a pattern Wedding Kebaya Dress
Make the front and rear archetype of up to 25 cm below the hip. Make a pattern of complete front left rear right.
Draw a model of cross-filter in front of the pattern. Extend the bottom 20 cm of hip, make a pattern somewhat slanted front line. [READ MORE]

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