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Kebaya Fashion Marron Flower

Kebaya Fashion Marron Flower
Price: $250.00 (if just Order one pcs)
Price: $2000.00 (if order 10 pcs)
Price: $5000.00 (if order 50 pcs)
Note: You can order from another kebaya if you want order 5/10 pcs that it's same price.
*Free Shipping Cost
For more question like about size,color,etc please emailed us by contact in our site.

Wedding Dress Kebaya and Fashion Kebaya Almost same model style.Wedding Dress Kebaya and Fashion Kebaya Ethnick Indonesia.Indonesia from Bali Jawa Barat 100% make by human.This kebaya as a familiar for international dress.Kebaya wedding dress in a full bordir and color in fixed surely.Wedding Kebaya dresses original from jaya kebaya company.please emailed us if you have some question.

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