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Kebaya Simple Trail

Kebaya simple trail
Price: $150.00 (if just Order one pcs)
Price: $500.00 (if order 5 pcs)
Price: $1,000.00 (if order 10 pcs)
Note: You can order from another kebaya if you want order 5/10 pcs that it's same price.
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kebaya Fashion Simple Trail oval shape made her hips backward as plisket creased Megar effect on the back of her so that it looks sexy as European-style wedding dresses, wedding kebaya tile but still highlight the ethnic sequins is so thick, kebaya the bride was from the first has been growing consistently since kebaya dress is such a broad field for creativity and brilliant ideas to accommodate the uniqueness that has not been excavated by pengiat kebaya dress before it, thus forming a segment ranging from kebaya bride price of hundreds of thousands rupaih until the price of hundreds of millions of dollars per pcs her kebaya, of materials and accessories of the bride kebaya also vary from embroidering halted until krital swarosky and pearls, all imagination activists pour bride kebaya kebaya to bring special and it is always different for each item, each kebaya bridal tidap never the same each other because it is designed kebaya dress in person, the resemblance may be present but its detail may be the same as ga wedding kebaya created and designed manually because there is no patron so kebaya dress made according to the situation and its designer mood, so kebaya
bride was beautiful as always made with artistic value in spontaneously pour kebaya designer at design time or in accordance with the user's body posture of his direct course with a special price also for users who want to design specifically, we devise in this kebaya kebaya korneli sequin tulle dress made of tulle and then to apply korneli embroidery and sequins decorate menkilap trunk to get a result that looks gemrlap sheen on your special day more glamorous and elegant. in this issue we bid the appropriate quality worth the price of this beautiful kebaya.

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